Volume 2 - Issue 4 (July 2013)

# Article Title
1 Strategies for Using STEP in Parametric Design
Author : Hyun Chan Lee
2 Field Programmable Gate Array Implementation and Testing of a Minimum-phase Finite Impulse Response Filter
Author : P. K. Gaikwad
3 A WebGis System to Support Implementation of Sustainable Development Policies
Authors : Sèmiyou A. Adédjouma, Géraud Azehoun-Pazou
4 Spread Spectrum Watermarking Using HVS Model and Wavelets in JPEG 2000 Compression
Authors : Khaly Tall, Mamadou Lamine Mboup, Sidi Mohamed Farssi, Idy Diop, Abdou Khadre Diop, Grégoire Sissoko
5 GeoLocSI – Web-Based GIS for Verification and Modification of Data Stored in Data Base
Author : Tatyana Velikova Dimitrova
6 A Simple Malware Test Environment
Authors : Sam Lundie, Daniel Rolf
7 An Expert System for Power System Restoration
Authors : In-Su Wang, Heung-Jae Lee
8 Extraction of Region of Interest in Compressed Domain
Authors : Vaishali A.Choudhary, Preeti Voditel
9 Periodic Error Correcting Perfect Codes
Authors : Vinod Tyagi, Ambika Tyagi
10 Fusion Fourier Descriptors from the E-M, K-Means and Fisher Algorithms for Radar Target Recognition
Authors : B. Belkhaoui, A. Toumi, A. Khalfallah, A. Khenchaf, M. S. Bouhlel
11 Maturity Level Definitions for the Evaluative Framework to Measure the Maturity of Skill Based Training Program with Multimedia Support in an E-Learning Environment [SBTP-MSeLE]: A Learners Perspective
Authors : M I Jawid Nazir, Ramachandra V Pujeri, Aftab. Haider. Rizvi
12 Network Security Management: Solutions to Network Intrusion Related Problems
Authors : Joshua Babatunde Agbogun, Fredrick A. Ejiga
13 Comparative Study: The Kurt Lewin of Change Management
Authors : Bashar Hussein Sarayreh, Hassan Khudair, Eyad. alabed Barakat
14 Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Ratio in Mathematics and Science
Authors : T. O. Omotehinwa, S.O. Ramon
15 Throughput Performance of ALOHA and CSMA MAC Protocol in Power for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Authors : R. Manikandan, K. Selvakumar
16 Framework of Recommendation System for Tertiary Institution
Authors : Shade O. Kuyoro, Oludele Awodele, Samuel O. Okolie, Nicolae Goga
17 Novel Approach of Retrieving an Enhanced Frontal Face Image
Authors : G.Rekha, C. Bala Subramanian
18 An Improved Semi-supervised Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Authors : Kai Li, Yufei Zhou
19 A Machine Learning Approach to Clinical Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever
Authors : A. Oguntimilehin, A. O. Adetunmbi, O. B. Abiola
20 An Error Estimation for Management Equilibrium Model
Author : Yuzhu Diao
21 A Damped Guass-Newton Method for the Generalized Linear Complementarity Problem
Authors : Huijuan Li, Houchun Zhou
22 Analysis on the Robustness SVD-Based Watermarking Algorithms
Authors : Zoran Milivojević, Zoran Stevanović
23 Performance Analysis of Hybrid PID-ANFIS for Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Base on Identification Model System
Authors : Hidayat, P.H. Sasongko, Suharyanto Sarjiya
24 The Practice of Research on Technology-enhanced Learning
Authors : Svetsky Stefan, Moravcik Oliver
25 Development of an Electronic Medical Image Archiving System for Health Care in Nigeria
Authors : Olayemi Mikail Olaniyi, Adebayo Omotosho, Jane Robert, Alice O. Oke
26 Evaluation and Implementation of Digital Signatures to Improve Web Based Case Management System Information Security
Authors : Adolf Kamuzora, Hashim M. Twaakyondo
27 Performance Assessment and Comparison between Star-ring based and Tree based EPONs
Authors : Zen-Der Shyu, I-Shyan Hwang, Chun-Wei Huang, I-Cheng Lin
28 A Fast Scheme for Detecting, Localizing and Grouping Similarly Looking Faces in Random Images
Author : Andrzej Sluzek
29 A Formal Mathematical Model of Cognitive Radio
Authors : Ramy A. Fathy, Ahmed A. Abdel-Hafez, Abd El-halim A. Zekry
30 A New Clustering-based Algorithm for Image Segmentation
Authors : Shermin Sarrafha, Maryam Khademi, Mehdi Heidari
31 Numerical Simulation for Corrosion Crack in Concrete Members Considering Penetration of Corrosive Product
Authors : Agus Maryoto, Takumi Shimomura
32 The Relationship of the Information Technology Applications, Strategic Partnerships, and Firm Performance in Logistics Industry in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
33 Enhanced Performance and Global Reachability Of Manet Nodes With Multihoming Using Nemo
Authors : Ravi Kumar, Devendra Kumar, Surendra Kumar
34 RSC - Remote System Controller
Authors : Kana A.F Donfack, Roland Madadjim
35 The Research and Application of Digital Image Inpainting Based on Improved CDD model
Authors : Baoyong Yin, Shangping Qiao, Jiansheng Liu, Mingming Li
36 Geometrical Feature Extraction of Human Hand
Authors : Fatma Mohammed, Walid Mohammad, A. S. M. Kayes, Attila Póya, Jamal Hasan
37 ICT solution to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
Authors : Shade O. Kuyoro, O. Awodele, O. D. Alao, A. A. Omotunde
38 Monitoring of Interior Wall Maintenance using Virtual Reality Technology
Authors : Alcinia Zita Sampaio, Daniel Rosario
39 Survey of Information Society Measurement
Authors : E. B. Ajala, S. O. Ojo
40 Intelligent PID Controller for Real Time Automation of Microwave Biodiesel Reactor
Authors : W. A. Wali, J.D. Cullen, S. Bennett, A. I. Al-Shamma’a
41 Local Segmentation via an Implicit Region-Based Deformable Model Applied To Weld Defects Extraction
Author : Yamina Boutiche