Volume 2 - Issue 5 (September 2013)

# Article Title
1 Digital Equivalence of Biological Neural AND-gate, OR-gate and MIN-Gate
Author : Nicoladie D. Tam
2 An Enhanced Analytical Framework Integrating aspects of Network and Application performance, Psychology, and Content in QoE Assessment for Web browsing
Authors : Le Thu Nguyen,, Richard Harris, Amal Punchihewa
3 Algorithm of Sub Exponential Complexity for the SAT Problem Solution
Authors : S.V. Listrovoy, V.M. Butenko
4 Power Switching Energy Management Technique in Multichannel Industrial Wireless Sensor Nodes
Authors : G. O. Uzedhe*, O. N. Okeke, H. C. Inyiama, C. C. Okezie
5 Agent-based Social Simulation Model for Analyzing Human Behaviors using Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors : Masato Noto, Hideyuki Kannabe, Tetsuya Morizumi, Hirotsugu Kinoshita
6 Secure Watemarking Method with Smart Card
Authors : Hafid Mammass, Fattehallah Ghadi, Mohamed Elhajji
7 Investigation of the Physical and Cognitive Factors Affecting Slip Error
Authors : Saleh Alshomrani, Shehram Akram
8 Network Worm Containment Using Markov Chain Approach
Authors : Akinwumi David, Boniface Kayode Alese, Samuel Adebayo Oluwadare
9 Identification of Trust Factor in Digital Health Information from the Internet among Clinic Attendees
Authors : Muhamad Khairulnizam Zaini, Shamsul Kamal Wan Fakeh, Mohd Sazili Shahibi, Wan Ab Kadir Wan Dollah, Zaharuddin Ibrahim, Mohd Jailani Paiman
10 Influence of Socio-Demographic Variables on Users' Choice of Mobile Service Providers in Nigerian Telecommunication Market
Authors : Wole Olatokun, Simeon Ambrose Nwone
11 Universities behaviour and opportunities on Twitter
12 NGN Service Management Using CBR Approach
Authors : S.M.F.D Syed Mustapha, Hui Na Chua
13 Significant Factors that Contributes to Knowledge Sharing Through Social Network
Authors : Shamsul Kamal Wan Fakeh, Izzatil Husna Arshad, Mohd Sazili Shahibi, Muhamad Khairulnizam Zaini, Wan Ab Kadir Wan Dollah, Zaharuddin Ibrahim, Mohd Jailani Paiman, Juwahir Ali
14 Modeling Complex Processes, Navigations, and User Interface in Web Applications
Authors : Azrul Hazri Jantan, Alfian Abdul Halin, Evi Indriasari Mansor
15 A Cooperative Stochastic Differential Game of Knowledge Technology Development
Authors : D.W.K. Yeung, L. A. Petrosyan, R. Szeto, L. Lam
16 Self-Training with Combination of Three Different Support Vector Machines Classifiers
Authors : M'bark IGGANE, Abdelatif ENNAJI, Driss MAMMASS, Mostafa EL YASSA
17 Estimation of Disk Slip Position Error for Mobile Hard Disk Drives
Authors : Peiqi Pan, Yong Xiao, Zhe Zheng
18 Towards Developing Knowledge Management System Framework for managing Chronic Diseases Based on Service Oriented Architecture
Authors : Modafar Ati, Asma'a Hussain, Wail Omar
19 The Usability of Free/Libre/Open Source Projects: A Review
Author : Ljiljana Despalatovic
20 Multi-Agent Distributed Artificial Intelligent Systems Challenges and Issues
Author : N. R. Genza
21 Modified Self Organizing Feature Maps for Classification of Mathematical Curves
Authors : Lionel Puengue F, Daniel Liu, Mohamed Zohdy
22 Effect of Loading a Horn Antenna with a Double Square Loop FSS "Filtenna System"
Authors : A. Badreldin, A. M. M. A. Allam
23 An Optimal Broadcast of Warning Messages in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Authors : Amira Benaidja, Samira Moussaoui, Farid Nait-Abdesselam
24 Intelligent System for Learning and Understanding of Yoruba Language
Authors : Ezekiel Olufunminiyi Oyekanmi, Samuel Adebayo Oluwadare, Boniface Kayode Alese
25 An Automatic Water Assessment Processing System: To Build the Water Balance Maps of Thailand Basins
Authors : Surachai Chantee, Warin Sophonphattanakul, Prattana Deeprasertkul
26 Thermal Images for Face Recognition Using Statistical Analysis
Author : Naser Zaeri
27 Applying Particle Swarm Optimization for the Absolute p-center Problem
Authors : Hassan M. Rabie, Ihab El-Khodary, Assem A. Tharwat
28 Reengineering the Distribution System of Technical Document in Company X Using BPR Best Practices
Authors : Sriwulan Larasati, Cucuk Nur Rosyidi, Azizah Aisyati
29 Microsoft Office Excel 2010: Operational Research in Excel 2010
Authors : Andreea Ionescu
30 Entropy-Based Generic Stopwords List for Yoruba Texts
Author : Toluwase Victor Asubiaro
31 Investigation on the Relationship between Information Communication Technology and Reading Literacy for Northeast Asian Students
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
32 Machine- Human Tic-Tac game based on Microcontroller Technology
Author : Alauddin Al-Omary
33 Data Warehousing - Maximum Timeline Availability of CDR Data
Authors : Deependra Swaroop Sharma, Dinesh Goyal, Sagar Sharma
34 Using MATLAB/ Simulink in the designing of Undergraduate Electric Machinery Courses
Authors : Mostafa.A. M. Fellani, Daw.E. Abaid
35 An Enhanced Data Mining Based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using Selective Feedback
Author : Ajayi Adebowale
36 OARLCAM: An Ontology-based Approach for Reusing and Learning through Context-aware Annotations Memory
Authors : N. Aloui, F. Gargouri