Volume 3 - Issue 2 (March 2014)

# Article Title
1 Towards the Definition of a Framework and Grammar for Game Analysis and Design
Author : Roberto Dillon
2 Generating Grid DTM Based on Altitude Point System
Author : Norbert Ádám
3 Comparison of 3-D Discrete Cosine and Discrete Sine Transforms for the Novelty Estimation in Volumetric Data
Authors : Wang Xiu Ying, Liu Yang
4 A Study on the Measurement Based Approach Techniques for Static Load Modeling
Author : Dong-Hyun Chung
5 Self-Organizing Maps Applied to Engine Health Diagnostics
Authors : Thomas Bryant, Michael Hodges, Mohamed Zohdy
6 Regularized Co-Clustering on Manifold
Authors : Ying Liu, Henry Han, Chengcheng Shen
7 Testing Hypotheses by Regularized Maximum Mean Discrepancy
Authors : Somayeh Danafar, Paola M.V. Rancoita, Tobias Glasmachers, Kevin Whittinstall, Jürgen Schmidhuber
8 Modeling and Simulation of Queuing Scheduling Disciplines on Packet Delivery for Next Generation Internet Streaming Applications
Authors : Sarhan M. Musa, Mahamadou Tembely, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Pamela H. Obiomon
9 A Survey of Parallel Machine Scheduling under Availability Constraints
Authors : Jihene Kaabi, Youssef Harrath
10 A Novel Process Neural Networks Model Based on Quantum Computing
Authors : Xiande Liu, Panchi Li
11 Preschool Children Handwriting Evaluation on Paper-Based and Tablet-Based Settings
Authors : Nor Lini Kamarul Aizan, Evi Indriasari Mansor, Ramlan Mahmod
12 Class Clustering for Program Comprehension: A Case Study in Java
Author : Jauhar Ali
13 Augmented Reality: A Review on Its Issues and Application in Teaching and Learning
Authors : Mei Shiang Cheah, Yan Ping Quah, Phaik Ean Wong, Wan Mohd Nazmee Wan Zainon
14 Hybrid Method Segmentation for Medical Image Based on DWT, FCM and HMRF-EM
Authors : Ntsama Eloundou Pascal, Ele Pierre, Tonye Emmanuel
15 The Construction of Sequences for Identification of Digital Circuits using Simulated Annealing
Author : Zouaoui Ramzi
16 Improving the Web Indexing Quality through A Website-Search Engine Coactions
Authors : Rehab F. Hassan, Sara Hussain
17 A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Students' Learning Achievement in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
18 Health Care Infrastructure Security using Bimodal Biometrics System
Authors : Omobayo A Esan, Selema Ngwira, Tranos Zuva, Lerato Masupa
19 Dynamic Channel Sharing Strategies through Game-theoretic Reinforcement Learning
Authors : Eric Masiga Ayienga, Elisha Toyne Opiyo, William Okello-Odongo, Bernard Manderick
20 Predictors of Short Message Service use by Nigerian Students
Authors : Ayooluwa Aregbesola, Wole Olatokun
21 Iris Recognition System – A Review
Authors : Nishit Shah, Pravin Shrinath
22 A Solution to Multi Criteria Robot Selection Problems Using Grey Relational Analysis
Author : Babatunji Omoniwa
23 Visualization of Subjective Extracted Text Using the Parse Tree
Authors : Erfan Mirzabeiki, Lili A.Nurliyana
24 Arabic Text Steganography in Smartphone
Authors : Samira Mersal, Safiah Alhazmi, Razan Alamoudi, Noura Almuzaini
25 Analysis of Supply Chains Using System Dynamics Simulation
Authors : Mohammed G. Sayed, Mohamed H. Gadallah, Ramadan A. ZeinEldin, Hamiden A. Wahed
26 The Internet Communication and the Moral Degradation of the Nigerian Youth
Authors : Bonachristus Umeogu, Ifeoma Ojiakor
27 Analytical Performance of Delay due to Bandwidth Variability in Concurrent Transactions Mixture
Author : Ahmad aL-Qerem