Volume 2 - Issue 1 (January 2013)

# Article Title
1 Real Time Object Detection System Based on Color and Spatial Information
Authors : Md. Zahangir Alom, Syed Shakib Sarwar, Rubel Biswas, Moin Mostakim, Hyo Jong Lee
2 Use of Social Networking Technologies in Higher Education in Zimbabwe: A learners’ perspective
Authors : Ngonidzashe Zanamwe, Taurai Rupere, Owen Kufandirimbwa
3 Application Lifecycle Management: Marriage of Business Management with Software Engineering
Authors : Lovelesh Chawla, Robert F. Roggio
4 An Exploratory Study of Database Evaluation Metrics: Comparison between IF and SJR
Author : Pao-Nan Chou
5 Generating operations specification from domain class diagram using transition state diagram
Authors : Bousetta Brahim, El Beggar Omar, Gadi Taoufiq
6 Convergence of Numerical Solutions for a Class of Stochastic Delay Age-dependent Capital System with Markovian Switching
Authors : Xining Li, Qimin Zhangi
7 Sustaining Tourism Destination Competitiveness Using ICT in Developing Countries
Authors : Oye, N. D., Okafor, C. I., Kinjir, S.
8 A Cost-effective Approach for Hybrid Migration to the Cloud
Author : Doaa M. Shawky
9 From device to circuit demonstrator concerning ultra submicronic Si/SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor specified for radio frequency range systems
Authors : C. Yahiaoui, S. Latreche, J. Verdier, C. Gontrand
10 A Survey about Network Forensics Tools
Author : Amor Lazzez
11 UML Modeling for Health Information Services Integrated with GIS
Author : M. A. Al-Shabi
12 Formulation of Video Encoding Applications for Hetrogenous Reconfigurable Architechtures
Author : Muhammad Rashid
13 The Internet, grids and brain waves
Author : Fabrizio Gesuelli
14 Why Human Expertise is Critical for Data Mining
Authors : Aziz Kaddouri, Shardul Y. Pandya
15 Quality of Service in Peer to Peer Video on demand System Using V Chaining Mechanism
Authors : Hareesh K., Manjaiah D. H.
16 An Efficient Graph-Coloring Algorithm for Processor Allocation
Author : Mohammed Hasan Mahafzah
17 Internet Access and Use in Reference Services : A Case Study in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
Authors : Intan Nurbaizura Zainuddin, Wan Ab. Kadir Wan Dollah
18 Development of a Programmable Electronic Digital Code lock system
Authors : Oke Alice O., Adigun Adebisi A., Falohun Adeleye S., Alamu F. O.
19 Trajectory Analysis using Automatic Identification Systems in New Zealand Waters
Authors : Premalatha Sampath, David Parry
20 Multi-Robot Cooperative System For Object Detection
Author : Duaa Abdel-Fattah Mehiar
21 Group decision making process for contractor selection based on SWOT in fuzzy environment
Authors : L. Izadi, G. Mohammadi
22 A Study on Knowledge Dissemination of Hospital Web-based Application
Authors : Noraini Che Pa, Rozi Nor Haizan Nor, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh
23 Optimization Technique for the Economic Dispatch in Power System Operation
Authors : Bommirani B., Thenmalar K.
24 Parameterized RSA Architectures
Author : Omar Nibouche
25 Medical Images Inter Frame Motion Analysis via Block Positioning Pixel Subtraction Technique
Authors : S. S. S. Ranjit, H. S. D. S. Jitvinder, K. C. Lim, S. A. Anas