Volume 4 - Issue 4 (July 2015)

# Article Title
1 Simulation Studies on Wireless Monitoring and Control of Water and Irrigation System using IEEE 802.15.4 MAC
Authors : Mehamed Ahmed Abdurrahman, Md. Asdaque Hussain
2 Hybrid Approach for Assessing Security Vulnerability and Increasing the Resiliency of Industrial Control System (ICS)
Author : Ruhama Mohammed Zain
3 Robust MIMO Radar Waveform Optimization to Improve the Worst-Case Detection Performance
Authors : Hongyan Wang, Bingnan Pei
4 On the Benefits of Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Steganography for the Security of Cyber-physical Systems
Authors : Laura Vegh, Liviu Miclea
5 Designing and Building a Database of Denial and Excuses for Student Affairs Unit
Author : Layth K. AL-Zuabi
6 Improving the Performance of kNN Queries with Location Privacy
Authors : Raed Al-Dhubhani, Jonathan Cazalas
7 Multimodal (MRI/PET) Fusion of Cerebral Images in Multiresolution Domain
Authors : W. Aribi, A. Khalfallah and M. S. Bouhlel, N. Elkadri
8 E-Verification: The Missing component in E-Recruitment Systems
Authors : Joseph M. Muthoni, Andrew M. Kahonge
9 Employing Semantic Web Technologies to Leverage Learning and Research
Authors : Friday Joseph Agbo, Kissinger Sunday
10 Stop and Move Semantic Trajectory Clustering with Existing Spatio-Temporal Data Model
Authors : Fatima J. Muhdher, Jonathan Cszalas
11 Performance Comparison between Spatial Multiplexing and Non Spatial Multiplexing Systems in Rayleigh Fading Channel with Co-Channel Interference
Authors : J. Minango, C. De Almeida
12 A Review of MC-CDMA Based Broadband Power Line Communications Systems
Authors : Daniel Ngondya, Justinian Anatory, Abdil Rashid Mohamed
13 Expert System for Diagnosis Neurodegenerative Diseases
Authors : Ayangbekun Oluwafemi J., Jimoh Ibrahim A.
14 MapReduce-based Similarity Measurement for Business Processes
Authors : Juntao Gao, Xueshan Wang, Yongan Wang
15 Utilizing the Categories Network in Wikipedia for Linking Named Entities
Author : Abdullah Bawakid
16 A Lower Bound for Codes Correcting Low Density Closed-Loop Burst
Author : Ambika Tyagi
17 Performance Analysis on the Implementation of Data Encryption Algorithms used in Network Security
Authors : Abraham Lemma, Maribel Tolentino, Gebremedhn Mehari
18 Simulation-based Performance Evaluation of Selected Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Authors : Goitom Abrehaley, Maribel Tolentino, Gebremedhn Mehari
19 Associative Rational Points for Improving Random Walkswith Collision–based Attack on Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem
Authors : Yasuyuki Nogami, Thomas H. Austin
20 Developing a Dynamic Register of Security Quality and Maintenance for Medical Devices
Authors : Roland. C. Houessouvo, Daton Medenou, GĂ©rard Degan
21 Enhanced Web Objects Classification using Social Tags
Authors : Moheb R. Girgis, Lamia M. Rady
22 Designing and Building of Students Cases Database System
Author : Layth K. AL-Zuabi
23 Quantum-inspired Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Authors : Jianping Li, Yizhu Duan