Volume 4 - Issue 1 (January 2015)

# Article Title
1 Machine Learning for Drug Design
Author : Ying Liu
2 Interest Centers to Improve the Maintenance Load of Materialized Views in Real-time Data Warehouse
Authors : Abdelaziz Abdellatif, Ali Ben Ammar, Amira Chouk
3 A New E-Health Expert System using Wireless and Mobile Telecommunication
Author : Ayman A.Rahim A.Rahman
4 Teacher Education and Accessibility on E-Learning System: Putting the W3C Guidelines into Practice
Authors : Lucila Santarosa, Débora Conforto, Breno Neves
5 Designing a Compromising Strategy for Reverse Supply Chain Performance: Case Study of Electrical and Electronic Equipments Industry
Authors : S. Dhib, S.-A. Addouche, A. El Mhamdi, T. Loukil
6 Modifying Face Image for Ageing Marks using Specialized Filter
Author : Fayas Asharindavida
7 Establishing a Sustainable Information Security Management Policies in Organization: A Guide to Information Security Management Practice (ISMP)
Authors : Julius Olusegun Oyelami, Norafida Binti Ithnin
8 Applying Data Mining Technology on the Using of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
9 Text-based, Content-based, and Semantic-based Image Retrievals: A Survey
Authors : Mohammed Alkhawlani, Mohammed Elmogy, Hazem El Bakry
10 The Application of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Egyptian Case Study
Author : Marwa Abd Elghany
11 Remote Controlled Electro-Pneumatical Climbing Robot For Cleaning Of Skyscrapers
Authors : Mücahid Candan, Erol Uyar, Nail Akçura, Ekrem Yavuz
12 Probability Dynamics in Causal Networks: A Probabilistic Prediction Engine
Author : Silvano Mussi
13 An Algorithm for Dynamic Rigid-Body Model
Author : Qidi Sun
14 Opportunities of Adopting Cloud Computing in Palestinian Industries
Author : AlaaEddin Almabhouh
15 Towards A General Purpose Middleware Model for WSNs: A Literature Survey
Authors : Basem Y. Alkazemi, Atif Naseer, Emad A. Felemban
16 E-Trust Building Models, Methods and Enhancing on B2C E-commerce Companies
Author : Issa Najafi
17 Extreme Programming Certification Process using Confidence Grade
Authors : Issam Al-Hadid, Suha Afaneh, Heba Almalahmeh
18 Design and Synthesis of Reduced Delay BCD
Authors : C. Sundaresan, Chaitanya CVS, PR Venkateswaran, Somashekara Bhat, J Mohan Kumar
19 Dynamic MANET on Demand with Different Bit Rate using Highway Scenario over WiMAX on VANET
Authors : S. M. Bhagat, Vijay M. Wadhai
20 URL Ordering based Performance Evaluation of Web Crawler
Authors : Mohd Adil Siddiqui, Sudheer Kumar Singh
21 Impact of Information Technology (IT) Applications on Banking Industry
Authors : Jnana Ranjan Dhir, Rasmi Ranjan Patra
22 Impact on Video Lessons using Mobile Learning Technology for Polytechnic Students
Authors : J. Hemabala, E. S. M. Suresh
23 Analysis of PM10 Pollutant in Istanbul by Using Kriging and IDW Methods: Between 2003 and 2012
Authors : Fikret TUNA, Meryem BULUÇ
24 Information Administration in Software Engineering: An Efficient Appraisal of Studied Concepts and Investigated Methods Used
Authors : R. Satya Prasad, K. B. S. Sastry