Volume 3 - Issue 5 (September 2014)

# Article Title
1 NewsFerret: Supporting Identity Risk Identification and Analysis Through News Story Text Mining
Authors : Ryan Golden, Suzanne Barber
2 False Minutiae' Impact on Fingerprint Matching: An Investigative Study
Authors : AGabriel Babatunde Iwasokun, Oluwole Charles Akinyokun
3 Broadening Access to e-Government via TV
Authors : Maria Ntaliani, Constantina Costopoulou, Sotiris Karetsos
4 Non-Invasive Brain Imaging Technique for Playing Chess with Brain-Computer Interface
Authors : Liberios Vokorokos, Bransilav Madoš, Norbert Ádám
5 Usability of ERP Error Messages
Authors : Mazhar Sadiq, Antti Pirhonen
6 Browser Platform Assessment for X3Dom Graphics' Rendering Capabilities
Authors : Panagiotakis Spyros, Vakintis Ioannis, Kapetanakis Kostas, Malamos Athanasios
7 A New Proposed Design of a Stream Cipher Algorithm: Modified Grain - 128
Authors : Norul Hidayah Lot @ Ahmad Zawawi, Kamaruzzaman Seman, Nurzi Juana Mohd Zaizi
8 Surface Normals with Modular Approach and Weighted Voting Scheme in 3D Facial Expression Classification
Authors : Hamimah Ujir, Michael Spann
9 Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Behavior among Stakeholders in Jordanian Hospitals Using Social Networks
Authors : Zaid T. Alhalhouli, Zainuddin Bin Hj. Hassan,Chen Soong Der
10 A New Weighted Keyword Based Similarity Measure for Clustering Webpages
Authors : Shihab Rahman, Dolon Chapa, and Shaily Kabir
11 Data Mining Model to Predict Fosamax Adverse Events
Authors : Neveen Ibrahim, Nahla Belal, Osama Badawy
12 Computer Vision Based Employee Activities Analysis
Authors : Md. Zahangir Alom, Nabil Tahmidul Karim, Shovon Paulinus Rozario, Md. Rezwanul Hoque, Md. Rumman Bin Ashraf, Saikat Lawrence Rozario
13 A Serious Game to Teach Modeling, Operating and Maintenance of Industrial Plants
Authors : Mauro M. Barbat, Nilo C. S. Dutra Junior, Diana F. Adamatti, Adriano V. Werhli
14 A Speech Analysis System Based on Vector Quantization Using the LBG Algorithm and Self-Organizing Maps
Author : Norbert Ádám
15 Architecture of Multi-Core System-on-the-Chip with Data Flow Computation Control
Author : Branislav Madoš
16 Performance Evaluation – Methods and Techniques Survey
Authors : Adnan Shaout, Mohamed K. Yousif
17 A Secure Electronic Prescription System Using Steganography with Encryption Key Implementation
Authors : Adebayo Omotosho, Omotanwa Adegbola, Olaniyi Olayemi Mikail, Justice Emuoyibofarhe
18 Survey of Layered Defense, Defense in Depth and Testing of Network Security
Authors : Young B. Choi, Chrisopher Sershon, John Briggs, and Chad Clukey
19 Information Systems Management in Government: Ongoing Issues and Approaches
Authors : Young B. Choi, Augusta Hayward, Sara J. Forkey, and Roy Griffin
20 The Relationship of Knowledge, Risk, and Attitude in Healthcare Information Technology
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
21 A New Method for Classification of Chinese Herbal Medicines Based on Local Tangent Space Alignment and LDA
Authors : Huiqin Chen, Dehan Luo, Hamid GholamHosseini
22 The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Environmental Decision Support Systems
Author : Hisham S Katoua
23 Affordances of ICT in Learning Physics Electricity Concepts: A Study Conducted in Nablus City Palestine
Authors : Kamel Hashem, Ziad Qabaja, Ayman Fakhereddin
24 Backstepping Based Control of PV system Connected to the Grid
Authors : C. Aouadi, A. Abouloifa, A. Hamdoun, Y. Boussairi
25 Backsetepping Controller of Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion System with Power Factor Correction
Authors : Y. Boussairi, A. Abouloifa, A. Hamdoun, C. Aouadi
26 UWB Antenna for Wi-Fi and Radar Applications
Authors : Ahmed M. Nada, Abdelmegid M. Allam
27 Currency Exchange Rate Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors : Denada Xhaja, Ana Ktona, Gazmira Brahushi
28 Website Development Life Cycle: New Proposed Model for Developing E-learning Website
Author : Sundus A. Hamoodi
29 Images in Human Computer Interaction : Digitally Embodied Identity Construction in Facebook
Authors : Prema P Nair, I. Arul Aram
30 The Rise in Payment System Breaches: The Target Case
Authors : Stephen J. Tipton, Young B. Choi
31 Securing BYOD Networks: Inherent Vulnerabilities and Emerging Feasible Technologies
Authors : Arthur B. Herenandez, Young B. Choi
32 On Quinary Hamming Code for r 2
Authors : Farzana Karim Elora, A.K.M.Toyarak Rian, Partha Pratim Dey
33 Enhanced Wireless Transmitted Message Security By Encrypted Complex Transformation
Author : Farah Hanna Zawaideh
34 Effects of a New Voicing Parameter on Pathological Voice Discrimination by SVM
Authors : Asma Belhaj, Aicha Bouzid, Noureddine Ellouze
35 A Comparative Study on Hybrid IT Project Managment: Using Traditional Project Management and Agile Approach
Author : Mojdeh Rahmanian
36 A Literacy Learning Smart System for the Blind Children
Authors : Dadang Priyanto, Muhamad Nur
37 Analysis of the Anthropotechnical System Pilot (Crew) – Helicopter Surroundings
Author : Sławomir Augustyn
38 Affordances of ICT in Learning Physics Electricity Concepts: A Study Conducted in Nablus City Palestine
Authors : Kamel Hashem, Ziad Qabaja, Ayman Fakhereddin
39 Improve Near Neighborhood for Allocation in DDB with Fuzzy Approach
Authors : Alireza Rezaee, Sara Mosaferinejad Moghaddam
40 Cyber Space: Cyber War or Cyber Space Peace Treaties
Author : Hasan L. Al-Saedy
41 An Investigation on Window's Function in the Cold Climate : A Case Study of a Residential House in Iran, Ardebil
Authors : Arash Yazdizad, Firooze Rezaei, Leila Farahzadi
42 Predicting Untranslated Regions and Code Sections in DNA using Hidden Markov Models
Authors : Tanvir Roushan, Dipankar Chaki, Abu Mohammad Hammad Ali
43 Database Management: A Performance and Tuning Perspective
Authors : Harshit Jhaveri, Hardik Jhaveri
44 Diagnosis of Breast Tumors using a PIFA antenna
Authors : Engy Alaa El Din Hanafy,Abdelmegid Allam
45 Mining System in HR: A Proposed Model
Authors : Abeer Fatim, Sophia Rahaman
46 A New Quality Model to Measure Quality of Airlines' Websites
Authors : Mina Zaiei Nafchi, Taghi Javdani Gandomani, Adnan Algunaid
47 Ensemble Of Image Segmentation With Generalized Entropy Based Fuzzy Clustering
Authors : Kai Li, Zhixin Guo
48 On Extreme Point Complementary Quadratic Fractional Programming Problem
Author : Basiya K. Abdulrahim