Volume 2 - Issue 2 (March 2013)

# Article Title
1 Survey of Available Web Services for Maritime Tracking
Author : Tatyana Dimitrova
2 Higher Education Teachers e-skills and the Innovation Process
Authors : Adel Ben Yousef, Hamida Ben Yousef, Mounir Dahmani
3 Framework for using Ontology Base to Enhance Decision Support System
Authors : Eman K. Elsayed, Mohammed Y. Elnahas, Fatma M. Ghanam
4 Development of New Algorithms for Power System Short-Term Load Forecasting
Authors : Esa Aleksi Paaso, Yuan Liao
5 Association Rules for Predicting Customer Lifetime Value in Retail Banking Context Based on RDBMINER Algorithm
Author : Zhou Xin
6 Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Multi-type Relational Clustering
Authors : Ying Liu, Chengcheng Shen
7 Bit-Stream Text Communication for Effective Use of Bandwidth and Faster Retrieval
Authors : Narangale S. M., G. N. Shinde
8 Detection of Three-phase Harmonic and Reactive Current Based on Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory
Authors : Chen Wenjie, Wan Junli
9 Identification and Management of Risks of System of Systems
Author : Dana Prochazkova
10 The Moderating Effect of Organizational Structure in Knowledge Management for International Ports in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
11 Use of A Game in Teaching Early Childhood Learners in Zimbabwe
Authors : Taurayi Rupere, Ngonidzashe Zanamwe, Obert Muzurura, Michael Munyaradzi
12 The Importance of Computing Systems in Chronic Pelvic Pain Research
Authors : Ricardo Perussi-e-Silva, Vinicius Oliverio, Julio Cesar Rosa-e-Silva, Francisco Jose Candido-dos- Reis, Antonio Alberto Nogueira, Omero Benedicto Poli-Neto
13 Multi-bit homomorphic encryption based on learning with errors over rings
Authors : Zhang Wei, Liu Shuguang, Yang Xiaoyuan
14 Secondary Social Studies Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Technology Practice
Author : Tina L. Heafner
15 Fuzzy Logic Models for Selection of Machining Parameters in CAPP Systems
Author : Saleh M. AMAITIK
16 Secure Voting System in a Mobile Network
Authors : Dinesh Goyal, Dr. Naveen Hemrajani, Gajanand Sharma, Ravi Sr Sharma, Dr. Ruchi Goyal, Sharad Kumar Mahera
17 The Decision Model of an Aircraft Crew in Safety System
Author : Sławomir Augustyn
18 Factors Driving Computer Referrals and Usage: An Empirical Study in Banking Sector
Authors : Orose Leelakulthanit, Ranjan B. Kini, Subir Bandyopadhyay
19 Business Intelligence In Call Centers
Author : Matthew Dabrowski
20 Bio-ID: Biologically Inspired Identification and Recognition System
Authors : E. O. Nwoye, J. E. Muoneke
21 Some Integral Properties of Signal Envelope in Weibull Fading Channel
Authors : Hana Stefanovic, Ana Savic, Dejan Milic, Dimitrije Stefanovic
22 Computer-Based Test: Security and Result Integrity
Authors : Omotehinwa T. Oluwatosin, Durojaye D. Samson
23 Integration of ICT in Mathematical Understanding Using Modeling
Authors : Kamel H. Hashem, Ibrahim Arman
24 Exponential stability of numerical solutions to stochastic age-structured competitive population system with diffusion
Author : Xining Li, Feifei Li
25 The Effect of Using AIS on Minimizing the Order Life Cycle: Cost and Time in Waste Human Resources
Author : Muhannad Akram Ahmad
26 The Rise of The Cyborgian Epoch
Authors : T. Rohit Reddy, Soumyadeep Paul, B. Veera Jyothi
27 Remote monitoring of patients of Cardiology Department of the Benin National Teaching University Hospital (CNHU-HKM)
Authors : Daton Medenou, Sèmiyou A. Adejouma, S. H. Arsène Tandje