Volume 4 - Issue 3 (May 2015)

# Article Title
1 Dissecting the User Interface of a Set of Highly Diffused Android Apps
Author : Victor Matos
2 An Integrated Simulation and Distribution System for Early Flood Warning
Authors : Erick Fredj, Micha Silver, Amir Givati
3 Best-of-Breed of ERP Systems: Pros and Cons
Authors : Marwa Abd Elghany, Mona Abd Elghany, Nermin Khalifa
4 Sensor Based Automatic Irrigation Management System
Authors : Mehamed Ahmed Abdurrahman, Gebremedhn Mehari Gebru, Tsigabu Teame Bezabih
5 A Recursive Branch and Bound Algorithm for Feature Selectio
Authors : Xifeng Tong, Shizhong Ma
6 Architecture for A Zero Client Based Scalable Large Format Display System
Authors : Sang Don Kim, Seung Eun Lee
7 AK Miner: An Online Data Mining Tool
Authors : Kshitij Garg, Akshay Shah, Kajal Gupta, Rama Devi
8 Usability Evaluation of Mobile Game Applications: A Systematic Review
Authors : Azham Bin Hussain, Sharaf Aldeen Abdulkadhum Abbas, Mustafa Sabah Abdulwaheed, Rammah Ghanim Mohammed, Adil abdullah Abdulhussein
9 Use Cases in Software Development: An Investigation in its Roles and Values
Authors : Grace L. Samson, Aminat A. Showole
10 Influence of Mobile Virtual Laboratory on Mobile Learning: Case Study of a Higher Institution in Nigeria
Authors : O. O. Ogundipe, O. J. Omotosho, O. Awodele, N. Goga
11 Review of Software Reliability Analysis Models: A Case Study of Operating Systems
Authors : Muhammed B. Abdullahi, John Alhassan,Adepoju Solomon, Abubakar Adamu
12 An Integrated Solution for Developing SCADA System towards Smart Electric Grid
Authors : Yahia Bahaa Hassan, Ashraf Aboshosha, Nabil Litayem, Yahia ElSaid
13 Improved Line Detection based-on Pixel Coordinates: A New Approach to Line Detection
Authors : Idris El-Feghi, Kahina Zitouni
14 Neural Networks based on Quantum Gated Nodes
Authors : Jianping Li, Haiyan Zhang, Siyuan Zhao, Yinpeng Liu
15 Presetting with QoS Architecture to Enhance LBS
Authors : Miada A. Almasre, Jonathan Cazalas
16 A New Improvement of Shishkin Fitted Mesh Technique on a First Order Finite Difference Method
Authors : Rafiq S. Muhammad, Abbas Y. Al-Bayati, Kais Ismail Ibraheem