Volume 1 - Issue 2 (November 2012)

# Article Title
1 A framework for junction detection using local Hough transforms
Author : Andrzej Sluzek
2 Development of an ICT-based layer model for improving managerial decision making on water issues in arid and semi-arid regions
Authors : Ali Al-Hamdi, Muhammad Akram, Ahmed Monjurul Hasan
3 Investigating RFID Tags Fusion in a Clustered WSN Applied to Vehicle Identification and Tracking
Authors : Abdelaziz Araar, Hakim Khali
4 Analysis of Different Programming Primitives used in a Beowulf Cluster
Authors : Mohamed Faidz Mohamed Said, Saadiah Yahya, Mohd Nasir Taib
5 Domain Driven Classification of Customer Credit Data for Intelligent Credit Scoring using Fuzzy set and MC2
Author : K.Shanmugapriya
6 The Usage of LMS among Undergraduate Students
Authors : Kung Siew Min, Fadhilah Mat Yamin, Wan Hussain Wan Ishak
7 An Identification System Using Eye Detection Based On Wavelets And Neural Networks
Authors : Mohamed A. El-Sayed, Mohamed A. Khfagy
8 Statistical Analysis of Arabic Phonemes for Continuous Arabic Speech Recognition
Authors : Khalid M.O Nahar, Moustafa Elshafei, Wasfi G. Al-Khatib, Husni Al-Muhtaseb, Mansour M. Alghamdi
9 Artificial Intelligent Control Techniques for Nonlinear Real Time Chemical Reactor
Authors : W. A. Wali, A. I. Al-Shamma'a, Kadhim H. Hassan, J.D. Cullen
10 Community Radio in Africa: Cost effective ICT Tool to Connect Geographically Dispersed Communities
Authors : Anas Tawileh, Edward Jaser
11 Laplacian Behaviour-Based Control (LBBC) for the Path Planning of Mobile Robot Via Four Point-EGSOR
Authors : Azali Saudi, Jumat Sulaiman
12 Analyzing the probabilistic distribution of the predicted wind speed
Authors : Vigneswaran.T, Dhivya.S
13 Research of routing protocol in RFID-based internet of things
Authors : Songsen Yu, Yun Peng, Jian Yang
14 ECG compression by Discrete Cosine associated Wavelet 2-D Transforms: SPIHT statistical method and pic detector
Authors : Ntsama Eloundou Pascal, Kabiena Ivan Basile
15 Identification of linear system in random time
Author : Edward Kozłowski
16 Contextualized Framework for Ubiquitous Learning Support Using a Learning Management System
Authors : Mampilo M. Phahlane, Raymond M. Kekwaletswe
17 A novel motion simulator technique for generating a realistic physical human jump movement
Authors : Przemysław Prokopow, Krzysztof Pomorski
18 DB2's SQL Compatibility Features: An alternative approach to traditional migration
Authors : Maria N. Schwenger, Kamen N. Tsvetkov
19 Automatic code generation by model transformation from sequence diagram of system's internal behavior
Authors : EL BEGGAR Omar, BOUSETTA Brahim, GADI Taoufiq
20 SenCept: A Domain-specific Textual Commonsense Concept Acquisition System
Authors : Rushdi Shams, M.S.A. Shahnawaz Chowdhury, S.M. Abu Saleh Shawon
21 Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms for Training Artificial Neural Networks
Authors : Ahmad AL Kawam, Nashat Mansour
22 Using Inductive Approach as Research Strategy in Requirements Engineering
Author : Issam Jebreen
23 Research on Fast Reconstruction of Virtual Plant Leaves
Authors : Fang Kui, Lu-Ming Shen, Jing Song
24 The Frame Work Design Of Mobile Learning Management System
Authors : J.Hemabala, E.S.M.Suresh
25 Impact of Cloud Computing on IT Industry: A Review & Analysis
Authors : Mohd Rahul,Mohd Junedul Haque,Mohd Muntjir
26 Image compression Using Daryaei Shuffle Singular Value Decomposition method
Authors : Majid Aboutalebi, Javad Vahidi, Shaqayeq Daryaei
27 Steganography and Its Applications in Information Dessimilation on the Web Using Images as SecurityEmbeddment: A Wavelet Approach
Authors : Victor Onomza Waziri, Audu Isah, Abraham Ochoche, Shafi'i Muhammad Abulhamid