Volume 6 - Issue 6 (November 2017)

# Article Title
1 Application of Unsupervised Learning for Detection Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Security Breaches
Authors: Paloma Symmonds, Ali Alharbi, Ephraim Nielson, Abdulaziz Alshammari, Mohamed A. Zohdy
2 Heuristic Based Approach for Automating Multidimensional Schemas Construction
Authors: Elhaj Elamin, Abdulrahman Altalhi, Jamel Feki
3 Challenges of Quality of Service Monitoring in Cloud Computing Solutions
Authors: Frankline Makokha , Elisha, E. Opiyo, Okello-odongo
4 Simplifying Scientific Programming with Streak©
Authors: Francisca O. Oladipo, Victor U. Anawo
5 A Model for Study Plan Development with Uncertainty Representation
Author: Hamdy A. Ibrahim
6 Hybrid Arabic Text Steganography
Authors: Haya Mesfer Alshahrani, George R S Weir
7 Tourists’ Accessibility Mobile Assistive System (TAMAS): in Facilitating Visitor’s Interaction with Zambia’s Tourism Industry
Author: Jameson Mbale
8 A Database for Identifying the Missed Pilgrims in Hajj and Umrah
Author : Jawad H Alkhateeb
9 Algorithms and Applications of Structure from Motion (SFM): A Survey
Authors: Abdou Shalaby, Mohammed Elmogy, Ahmed Abo El-Fetouh
10 An ICT based Solution for Virtual Garment Fitting for Online Market Place: A Review of Related Literature
Authors: Hashini Gunatilake, Dulaji Hidellaarachchi, Sandra Perera, Damitha Sandaruwan, Maheshya Weerasinghe
11 The Simulating Annealing Algorithm for the Optimization of the Power Dissipation of the Input Test Sequences
Authors: Ramzi Zouaoui, Imen Herzi
12 An Improved Fuzzy Rule-Based System for the Diagnosis of Software Rots Metrics
Authors: Adedokun Ajibike Mariam, Onyejegbu Laeticia Nneka
13 Artificial Intelligence based Fast Facial Recognition with High-Quality Small-Scale Data
Authors: Zhen Gao, Tingting Wang, Xin Song, Chao Wang
14 UTF Base 64 Methods Used in Securing Cloud Data Storage
Authors: O. A. Alabi, I.U. Oghenekaro