Volume 6 - Issue 2 (March 2017)

# Article Title
1 Supporting Personal Nutrition Reporting with Configurable Goal-Setting
Authors : Pratik Krishnamurthy, Christopher Scaffidi
2 Tournament Models for Authority Identification in Online Communities
Authors : Suratna Budalakoti,Razieh Nokhbeh Zaeem, K. Suzanne Barber
3 A Performance Analysis of Business Intelligence Techniques on Crime Prediction
Authors : Emmanuel Ahishakiye, Elisha Opiyo Omulo, Ruth Wario, Ivan Niyonzima
4 Data Analytics with Hadoop for Juniors
Authors : Lakshmi Prayaga, Keerthi Devulapalli
5 Near Real Time Machine Driven Signature Detection, Generation and Collection
Authors : Edwin Ouma Ngwawe, Elisha Odira Abade
6 iLearn: Implication and Complications
Authors : Marwa Abdelghany, Nermin Khalifa, Nermin Essawi
7 Strategies and Contributions of Biometrics in E-Learning
Authors : Saad Mamoun AbdelRahman, AbdelWahab Ahmed Sabir
8 Mobile Adhoc Network Protocols Simulation: Distance Vector vs Source Routing Comparison
Authors : Zohra Kebir, Mohammed Omari, Hasna Soulimani
9 Simulation Comparison and Analysis of Quality of Service in DSDV and AODV Mobile Adhoc Networks
Authors : Noura Elazzaoui, Mohammed Omari, Wahiba Boukhechba
10 The Structural Equation Model of Behavioral Intention to Use Mobile for Learning in the 21ST Century
Authors : Thanyatorn Amornkitpinyo, Sunti Sopapradit, Pimprapa Amornkitpinyo