Volume 5 - Issue 5 (September 2016)

# Article Title
1 Matlab Script for 3D Visualization of Missile and Air Target Trajectories
Author : Witold Bu┼╝antowicz
2 Applied Simulated Annealing Algorithm in Resource Allocation for Virtual Service Based on Heterogeneous Shared Hosting Platforms
Authors : Nguyen Minh Nhut Pham1, Bao Hung Hoang, Van Son Le
3 Arabic Relation Extraction: A Survey
Authors : Injy Sarhan, Yasser El-Sonbaty, Mohamed Abou El-Nasr
4 Text Mining as a Strategy in Profiling the Use of Influenza Virus Genome in Scientific Publications
Authors : Fernanda C. R. Correa, Aline A. Vanin, Silvio C. Cazella
5 Women Engagement in ICT Professions in Tanzania: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities
Authors : Christina Muro, Maria Gabriel
6 A Global Convergence Algorithm for Management Equilibrium Model
Authors : Fei Wang, Chuanyu Xu, Hongchun Sun
7 6S: Adding a Semantic Model to 5S Framework
Authors : Heba Mahmoud Neama, Yasser. F. Hassan, Mohamed Kholef
8 Classification of Matrix Multiplication Methods Used to Encrypt-decrypt Color Image
Authors : Jihad Nadir, Ziad Alqadi and Ashraf Abu Ein
9 A Technique to Encrypt-decrypt Stereo Wave File
Authors : Jihad Nadir, Ashraf Abu Ein and Ziad Alqadi
10 Cascaded Sorting Approach for Fixed Impulse Denoising
Authors : A. Rajamani, N. Nandhini Priya