Volume 5 - Issue 3 (May 2016)

# Article Title
1 Electrical Demand Load Forecasting by ARIMA Regression and Artificial Neural Networks
Authors : Thays Abreu, Carlos R Santos Junior, Anna P. Lotufo, Mara L. M. Lopes
2 Hierarchical Email Spam Filtering
Authors : Ismail M. Khater, Omar M. Al-Jarrah, Basheer Al-Duwairi
3 CAMTS: Computer Aided Multidialectal Teaching System
Authors : Boluwaji A. Akinnuwesi, Olusegun M. Ogundiwin, Olukayode Aiyeniko, Tetegan Aida
4 On the Chromatic Spectrum of Uniform C-Hypergraphs
Authors : Jie Xue, Ping Zhao, Jie Zhang, Zirun Liu
5 An Intelligent Framework using Hybrid Social Media and Market Data, for Stock Prediction Analysis
Authors : Eslam Nader Desokey, Amr Badr, Abdel Fatah Hegazy
6 Detection of Ground Hazards of El Mokattam Plateau, East Cairo (Egypt), using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Authors : Bassam M. Abdellatif, Ayman H. Nasr, Safaa M. Hassan
7 Missing Values Estimation Comparison in Split- Plot Design
Author : Layla A. Ahmed