Volume 5 - Issue 1 (January 2016)

# Article Title
1 Perception of IT Governance in an Emerging Market
Authors : Mehmet N. Aydin, Cem Ulger
2 REST Based Registry Framework for Service Oriented E-learning
Author : Janaka I Wijayanayake
3 Template Matching with Ranking for Toffoli Circuits
Authors : Md Zamilur Rahman, Jacqueline E. Rice
4 Secure Mutual Authentication Protocol for Low-Cost RFID
Authors : O. Omolola, O. Osunade
5 Unsupervised Nonlinear Hashing Using Nyström Method with Improved Sequential Projection Learning
Authors : Wenqiang Yang, Hong Shen
6 Location Privacy Preservation in Location-Based Services over Road Networks
Authors : Shu Chen, Hoong Shen
7 Artificial Bee Colony for False Match Filtering in 3D Reconstruction
Authors : Milena Lazarova, Zoran Kostov
8 Developing an Effective Light Stemmer for Arabic Language Information Retrieval
Authors : Sohair Al hakeem, Ghazi Shakah, Belal abu Saleh, Nisreen Jaber Thalji
9 Mathematical Model of Cell Division
Authors : Mircea Iosif Neamtu, Mircea Valeriu Anghel
10 Job shop Scheduling under Answer Set Programming
Author : Omar EL-Khatib
11 Ultrasonic Signal Detection With Sequential Equivalent Time Sampling Based on Compressed Sensing
Authors : Yuanquan Tan1, Yijiu Zhao, Houjun Wang
12 Applying Grid-based Algorithm and Quadratic Programming for Improvement Orthogonal Graphs
Authors : Nahla F. Omran, Sara F. Abd-el Ghany
13 The Effects of System Quality, Information Quality and Service Quality on User Satisfaction and the Implication to the Website Benefit
Author : Nidjo Sandjojo
14 A Survey on Feature Selection Stability Measures
Authors : Mohana chelvan P., Perumal K.
15 Intelligent Cloud Based Decision Support Framework for Smart Grid
Authors : Walid Mohamed Aly, Mohamed Kholief, Eslam Adel Kamel
16 3D Object Tracking from LiDar Point Clouds: A Salience-Based Model
Authors : Ashraf K. Helmy, Gh. S. El-Taweel
17 Independent Quality of Service (QoS) Validation of A Telecommunication Provider in South-West Nigeria
Authors : O. Osunade, O. O. Oyesanya
18 Enhancement of Decryption Operation for Resource Limited Devices
Authors : Kosmas Kapis, Marseline Michael Mtey
19 Multimedia Technologies for Business Education Augmentation in Higher Learning Institutions
Author : Anthony Mwombeki
20 Accounting Information Systems for A Distribution Company
Authors : Alexander Setiawan, Silvia Rostianingsih, Jennifer Giovanni Sumargo
21 Implementing a Mobile-Based Child-Birth Registration System in Nigeria
Authors : Olusola O. Ajayi, Stella C. Chiemeke, Olumide B. Longe
22 Probabilistic Models of Software Function Point Elements
Author : Masood Uzzafer
23 Neurodegenerative Diseases Monitoring (NDM) main Challenges, Tendencies, and Enabling Big Data Technologies: A Survey
Authors : Hadeel T. El Kassabi, Mohamed Adel Serhani, Rachida Dssouli