Volume 4 - Issue 2 (March 2015)

# Article Title
1 Electrical Load Forecasting using a Hybrid Model with Artificial Neural Networks
Authors : Thays Abreu, Miguel Paredes, Klayton A. M. Araújo, Anna Diva P. Lotufo, Mara L. M. Lopes
2 Enhancement of RSA Scheme using Agreement Secure Information for Nearest Parameters
Authors : Motasem A. Abu-Dawas, Abdulameer K. Hussain
3 The New Role of Medical Librarian in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Age
Author : Adereolu Ojo
4 Performance Evaluation of Remote Access VPN Protocols on Wireless Networks
Author : Ahmed A. Jaha
5 Wireless Architectural View on Next Generation Public Safety
Author : Y. Morgan
6 Meth Hunter: an Extension osf Automated Intelligence Systems via Graph Database
Authors : Mark Blair, Yunkai Liu, Theresa M. Vitolo
7 Wireless Sensor Network Pre-Deployment Algorithm for Reliable Forest Fire Detection
Authors : Ahmed Zouinkhi, Sourour Trab, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim
8 Effect of AWGN on BER Performance of Multiuser Detection in DS-OCDMA System using Novel Multilevel Periodic Codes
Authors : Besma Hammami, Habib Fathallah, Houria Rezig
9 Using an Interaction Model as a Requirement for Distributed Database Design to Enhance Data Access and Reliability in Higher Learning Institutions: A Study Conducted at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania
Author : Anthony Mwombeki
10 The Use of Robots for Sustainable Labour Force and National Development.
Authors : Barau Nuhu Barnabas, Julius Abimiku
11 Load Balancing Algorithms Round-Robin (RR), Least-Connection and Least Loaded Efficiency
Authors : Mustafa ElGili Mustafa, Amin MubarkAlamin Ibrahim
12 "Catching LED" Game: An FPGA Developing Board Implementation
Authors : Horacio Fernandez-Jimenez, Paz V Garcia-Hernandez, Ricardo F Martinez-Gonzalez, Antonio Dominguez-Cedillo
13 Identification and Modeling of Air Pollutions using Adaptive Nero Fuzzy Systems (ANFIS)
Authors : Tharwat O. S. Hanafy, A. S. Al-Osaimy, Nadjim Merabtine
14 Using Algorithms K-means and Centrality of Intermediation for Analysis of a Social Network Focused in Commercial
Authors : Carolina Palma Pimenta Furlan, Marcelo Lisboa Rocha, Anderson da Silva Soares, Lucas Santa Bárbara Gomes, David Nadler Prata, Clarimar José Coelho
15 Finite Difference Time Domain method Analysis of Doped Photonic Crystal Fiber for Communication Systems
Authors : Khémiri Khéareddine, Ezzedine Tahar, Houria Rezig
16 Tracking Multi-Mobile Targets Using Kalman Particle Filtering and K-means
Authors : Aseel AbdulRahman Abohaimed, Ebtesam Ayed Al-Ammri, Samia Allaoua Chelloug, Fai Ghazi Al-Deijy, Hind Mohammed Al-Otaibi, Shatha Abdulaziz Al-Mazroua
17 Combined MMSE-OSIC MIMO Detector Using Detection Error Estimation
Author : Ilia Georgiev Iliev
18 IT-Supported Assurance of Environmental Law Compliance in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Author : Heiko Thimm
19 MIMO MC-CDMA System Advanced Using Coding Techniques
Authors : Youness Mehdaoui, Mostafa Mrabti, Rachid El Alami
20 Selected Methods of Aviation Safety Estimation, including use of Fuzzy Logic Inference Systems
Author : J. Żurek, N. Grzesik
21 Using a Serious Game with a Tangible Tabletop Interface to Promote Student Engagement in a First Grade Classroom: A Comparative Evaluation Study
Authors : Sébastien Kubicki, Denis Pasco, Ingrid Arnaud
22 An Improved Localization Algorithm Based on RSSI of Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Ting Cui, Haipeng Qu
23 Applying Data Mining Technology on Survival Analysis for Arteriovenous Fistula in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
24 Enhancement of Inset Feed Microstrip Semicircular Patch Antenna Directivity using Dielectric Superstrate
Authors : Hayat Errifi , Abdennaceur Baghdad, Abdelmajid Badri, Aicha Sahel
25 Energy Efficient Computing: A Comparison of Raspberry PI with Modern Devices
Authors : Waqas Anwaar, Munam Ali Shah
26 Cache Memory: An Analysis on Optimization Techniques
Authors : Muhammad Waqas Ahmed, Munam Ali Shah
27 Review of Seven-Element Ground Skirt Monopole ESPAR Antenna Design From A Genetic Algorithm and the Finite Element Method
Author : Elmajdub Faraj
28 The Effects of Videogame Achievements on Player Motivation
Authors : Ian Lewis, Adam Zulkifly, Kristy de Salas
29 Improving the Security of a Cyber-Physical System using Cryptography, Steganography and Digital Signatures
Authors : Laura Vegh, Liviu Miclea
30 An Analysis of Emerging Security Threats in 3G/4G Cellular Network Deployment in Pakistan
Authors : Muhammad Ahmad, Munam Ali Shah, Manzoor Ilahi Tamimy
31 A Survey on Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment
Authors : Mehwish Awan, Munam Ali Shah
32 A Novel Approach to Generate Assessment Papers and Solution Schemes for Design Based Engineering Modules
Authors : V Suresh Babu, R V Murali
33 Evaluation of Shape Representation Methods in STEP for Korean Industry
Author : Hyun Chan Lee
34 Hybrid Operating System in Smart Phone
Authors : AbuBakar Bin Muhammad, Munam Ali Shah
35 A State-Based Web Form Testing System
Authors : Moheb R. Girgis, Tarek M. Mahmoud, Bahgat A. Abdullatif, Alaa M. Zaki
36 An Enhanced Lexical Resource for Text Mining and Sentiment Investigation
Authors : Aftab Alam, Mohammed Irfan, Abdul Mateen Ansari
37 Envisaging Capacity Development to Enhance eGovernance Implementation (ECDE-eL): Namibian (Case-Study)
Authors : Semba Funda, Jameson Mbale
38 Student Retention Prediction in Higher Learning Institutions: The Machakos University College Case
Authors : Joseph Mutuku Ngemu, William Okelo Odongo, Elisha Opiyo Omulo, Bernard Manderick
39 3D Rendering System using Data Glove
Authors : Sang Muk Lee, Oh Seong Gwon, Jung Woo Shin, Seung Eun Lee
40 Multiple Enrollment for Fingerprint Recognition: State of the Art Survey
Authors : Fred Kaggwa, John Ngubiri, Florence Tushabe