Volume 3 - Issue 4 (July 2014)

# Article Title
1 The Research of Forgeability and Determination of Optimal Warm Forging Temperature using Computer Simulation
Author : Mária Kapustová
2 A Formal Approach to Distributed System Tests Design
Authors : Andrey A. Shchurov, Radek Mařík
3 An Automatic Approach to Verify Business Process Models Using INA Petri Nets Analyzer
Authors : Elhillali Kerkouche, Raida Elmansouri, Allaoua Chaoui, Khaled Khalfaoui
4 A Weighted Sample's Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm With Generalized Entropy
Authors : Kai Li, Lijuan Cui
5 Vigilance and Tiredness Detection by Analyzing Eyes Blinking
Authors : Nadia Nacer, Bouraoui Mahmoud, Imen Ben Hassen, Mohamed Hedi Bedoui
6 Review of Security Frameworks in the Converged Web and Mobile Applications
Authors : Devotha Nyambo, Zaipuna O. Yonah, Charles Tarimo
7 Text Detection and Extraction from Document Images using K-Nearest Neighbor Rule
Authors : Mallikka Rajalingam, Putra Sumari, Valliappan Raman
8 Vector-based Realization of Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Diagrams with ArcGIS Engine
Authors : Tian Song, Cui Ximin, Sun Yunhua, Liu Qiang, Gong Yu
9 Energy-Efficient Methods to Maximize Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks with Adjustable Sensing Ranges
Authors : Safwat Ali Khan, Zinat Ara, Mosarrat Jahan
10 A Study on the Attitude of Use the Mobile Clinic Registration System in Taiwan
Author : Yi-Horng Lai
11 Detection of Pilates Exercises Based on Movement Sensors Data in Modern Smartphones: For children aged 11 to 13
Authors : Manuel Parfant, Martin Ebner, Dietlind Deutschmann
12 Mutation-based Test Data Generation for Simulink Models using Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing
Authors : Le Thi My Hanh, Khuat Thanh Tung, Nguyen Thanh Binh
13 Image Edge Detection and Image Edge Enhancement: Numerical Experiment on High Pass Spatial Filtering
Authors : Abdul Rasak Zubair, Olasebikan Alade Fakolujo
14 Low-Cost Sensor for Vehicle Speed Based on Sliding Mode Observer
Authors : Abdelhamid Rabhi, Nacer Kuider Msirdi
15 Selection of the Best threshold in Biometric Authentication by Exhaustive Statistical Pre-Testing
Authors : Faris M. Al-Athari, Abdulameer Khalaf Hussain
16 A Novel Algorithm for Mining Negative and Positive Association Rules
Authors : Parfait Bemarisika, André Totohasina
17 Knowmap as a New System in the Assessment and Management of Knowledge
Authors : Martin Malcik, Cestmir Kantor
18 Investigation of Multilayer Perceptron and Class Imbalance Problems for Credit Rating
Authors : Zongyuan Zhao, Shuxiang Xu, Byeong Ho Kang, Mir Md Jahangir Kabir, Yunling Liu
19 A Study of Key Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Authors : H. Gupta, K. T. Aye, R. Balakrishnan, S. Rajagopal, Y.-Y. Nguwi
20 Adoption of ISMS for Protecting SCADA Systems against Cyber Terrorism Threats
Authors : Zahri Yunos, Nor'azuwa Muhamad Pahri, Mohd Shamir Hashim, Rahayu Ahmad
21 K-Mean and K-Prototype Algorithms Performance Analysis
Author : Izhar Ahmad
22 Extracting Chemical Information from Molecular Depictions
Authors : Amena Mahmoud, Magdy Zakaria, Taher Hamza
23 A Robust Multiwatermarking Scheme for Multiple Digital Input Images in DWT Domain
Authors : Mahdi Babaei, Kok-Why Ng, HosseinReza Babaei, Hamid Ghorbani Niknajeh
24 Modelisation by SALTMOD of Leaching Fraction and Crops Rotation as Relevant Tools for Salinity Management in the Irrigated area of Dyiar Al-Hujjej,Tunisia
Authors : Issam Daghari, Ali Gharbi
25 Subjective Evaluation Of A Force Feedback Subsystem
Author : Abdouslam M. Bashir