Volume 2 - Issue 3 (May 2013)

# Article Title
1 Hybrid Particle SWARM Optimization for Solving Machine Time Scheduling Problem
Authors : A. A. El-Sawy, A. A. Tharwat
2 The 3D Gaming Simulation for a Real-World University Experience
Authors : Mbarani Echaminya, Sowon Karen, Shibwabo Bernard Kasamani
3 Fuzzy Inference Sytem for Teaching Staff Performance Appraisal
Authors : G.A.Bhosale, R. S. Kamath
4 Exploring Perceived Value in Social Networking Sites: The Mediation of Customer Satisfaction
Author : Yung-Shen Yen
5 A Novel Approach of On-line Discriminative Tracking Feature Selection
Authors : Yehong Chen, Pil Seong Park, Aimin Li
6 Fuzzy Control System for Robot Using Proprioceptive Algorithms
Authors : Elmo Batista de Faria, Mauricio Fernando L. Pereira
7 Performance Appraisal System – Using a Multistage Fuzzy Architecture
Authors : Adnan Shaout, Jaldip Trivedi
8 Personalized Learning Environment (PLE) Approach: Preliminary Analysis in Malaysian’s Secondary School
Authors : Che Ku Nuraini Che Ku Mohd, Faaizah Shahbodin, Ahmad Naim Che Pee
9 Predicting Customers Issues Resolution Times in Mobile Terminals
Authors : Andi Mwegerano, Tero Ollikainen
10 A Fairness Based Framework to Resolve Political Disputes
Authors : S. Nabil, N.Darwish, M. Zaki
11 Process of Building up an Application Packaging
Authors : Trupti M. Hake, Pravin S. Metkewar
12 Fast Search Strategies using Optimization for Fractal Image Compression
Authors : D.Venkatasekhar, P.Aruna, B.Parthiban
13 Evaluation of an Online Information System for Shoulder Pain Patients
Authors : Wilfried Honekamp, Sandro Hänseroth
14 Children’s Interaction with Tablet Applications: Gestures and Interface Design
Author : Nor Azah Abdul Aziz
15 Scheduling Manager for Mobile Cloud Using Multi-Agents
Authors : Naif Aljabri,Fathy Eassa
16 On Application of Fuzzy Logic to Decisions Making in Solving Inventive Problems
Author : Len Malinin
17 AIRS – Automatic Intelligent Research System: An Open “Heuristically programmed Algorithmin calculator” for nutrition researches
Authors : Alessandro Gubitosi, Aida Turrini
18 Contextual Fuzzy Cognitive Map for Intrusion Response System
Authors : Montaceur Zaghdoud, Mohammed Saeed Al-Kahtani
19 A new type algorithm for the generalized variational inequality with multi-valued mapping
Authors : Li Li, Houchun Zhou , Shuangshuang Xie, Hongchun Sun
20 Improve of Health Care Systems for Smart Hospitals Based on UML and XML
Author : Magdy Shayboub Ali Mahmoud
21 Algorithms to Construct Anti Magic Labeling of Complete Graphs
Authors : Krishnappa H K, N K Srinath, S Manjunath
22 An Extended AODV Protocol to Support Mobility in Hybrid Networks
Authors : Sèmiyou A. Adédjouma, Paterne A. Chokki, Théophile K. Dagba
23 An Evaluation Mechanism for OFDM Modulation of the Channel in Mobile Radio Systems
Authors : Sèmiyou A. Adédjouma, Rémy Y. Oké, Théophile K. Dagba
24 Review on Multi-Agent Oriented Software Engineering Implementation
Authors : N.R. Genza,E.S. Mughele
25 An Efficient Feature Extraction Method for Iris Recognition Based on Wavelet Transformation
Authors : Mahmoud Elgamal, Nasser Al-Biqami
26 Calculus Based Approach for Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Nayan, Swapnil Singh, Manoj kumar
27 The Creation of Learning Networks in Two Spanish Public High Schools: One-to-One Programs’ Efectiveness
Authors : Juan González Martínez, Cinta Espuny Vidal, Luis Marqués Molías, Mercè Gisbert Cervera
28 Towards the Development of Cross Layer Approach for Energy Efficiency and Mobile Wireless Body Area Networks
Authors : Mohammad Arif Siddiqui, Mohammed Basit Kamal, Haji Moinuddin