Comparison of A* Algorithm and Greedy Best Search in Searching Fifteen Puzzle Solution


  • Charisma Tubagus Setyobudhi Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Diponegoro University, Indonesia



A*, Artificial Intelligence, Fifteen Puzzle, Greedy Best First Search


Artificial Intelligence is an exciting field to research. Artificial Intelligence itself is a broad subject. The application of artificial intelligence in daily routine is various. One of the usages of artificial intelligence is finding the shortest route on a map. In general, the algorithm which can be used for finding the shortest route is A*. A* is often used in finding the shortest route in a graph or map. Generally speaking, A* is used to make a game, especially for finding the shortest route of an intelligent agent inside it. In this paper, the finding solution of puzzle game using A* and Greedy Best First Search is to be discussed. The puzzle game which is discussed is the Fifteen Puzzle. This research compares the two algorithms used, A* and Greedy Best First Search. This research shows that Greedy Best First Search gives a slightly faster solution than A*.


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