Neutrosophic Triangular Fuzzy Travelling Salesman Problem Based on Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 Heuristic


  • Souhail Dhouib Higher Institute of Industrial Management, Sfax University, Tunisia



Neutrosophic, Fuzzy set, Optimization, Dhouib-Matrix-TP1 method, travelling salesman problem


In this paper, the Travelling Salesman Problem is considered in neutrosophic environment which is more realistic in real-world industries. In fact, the distances between cities in the Travelling Salesman Problem are presented as neutrosophic triangular fuzzy number. This problem is solved in two steps: At first, the Yager’s ranking function is applied to convert the neutrosophic triangular fuzzy number to neutrosophic number then to generate the crisp number. At second, the heuristic Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 is used to solve this problem. A numerical test example on neutrosophic triangular fuzzy environment shows that, by the use of Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 heuristic, the optimal or a near optimal solution as well as the crisp and fuzzy total cost can be reached.


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