Volume 5 - Issue 6 (November 2016)

# Article Title
1 Modeling of Communication Channel in the Simulink Environment
Authors : Chekichev Angel, Lyubomirov Slavi, Shehova Daniela, Raydovska Velislava, Shotarova Sneja
2 Research Framework for SCADA Security Center of Excellence (COE)
Author : NRuhama Mohammed Zain
3 Extraction of Turkish Semantic Relation Pairs using Corpus Analysis Tool
Authors : Gurkan Sahin, Banu Diri, Tugba Yildiz
4 Implementation of New Improved Round Robin (NIRR) CPU Scheduling Algorithm Using Discrete Event Simulation
Authors : Chang Jan Voon and Idawaty Ahmad
5 Using Artificial Neural Networks to Predict the E-Business Startup Success
Author : Ayebazibwe Abel
6 Tree Growth Based ACO Algorithm for Solving the Bandwidth-Delay-Constrained Least-Cost Multicast Routing Problem
Authors : Moheb R. Girgis, Tarek M. Mahmoud, Ghada W. Hanna
7 Contention and Scheduling Algorithms in Optical Burst Switched Networks
Author : Hazem (Moh'd Said) Abdel Majid Hatamleh
8 The Extension of Digit Inversion in Genetic Algorithm
Authors : Ixymbayeva S.Zhanyl, Nayzagarayeva A.Akkul, Tabys Tannurbek
9 A New Moodle Supporting Cloud Storage and Social Network Services
Authors : Eman Yaser Daraghmi, Shyan Ming Yuan
10 Empirical Analysis of GMM over Wallflower Dataset
Authors : Lajari S. Alandkar, Sachin Gengaje
11 Choosing Components of Information Technology Infrastructure for Business Information Systems
Author : Yahya AlSamawi
12 Design and Implementation of Students' Information System (SIS) for Mulungushi University Based on Spring Framework
Authors : Douglas Kunda, Victoria Chama