Volume 5 - Issue 2 (March 2016)

# Article Title
1 Twitter-based Course Support System considering Relatedness Needs
Authors : Hiroyuki Hisamatsu, Yoshiaki Taniguchi
2 Fair VM Placement in Geo-Distributed Cloud Systemg
Authors : Wenlai Yang, Hong Shen
3 An Automated Balanced Nutritional Guidance system Based on Rough Sets
Author : Dalia I. Hemdan
4 SIntroducing Event Experience (EX) as an Approach to User Experiences in Relation to Events
Authors : Victoria Rolandsson, Charlotte Wiberg
5 Truth Finding by Attribute Reliability Estimation for Heterogeneous Data
Authors : Wenwen Sheng, Hong Shen
6 Empowering Small Moroccan Businesses Performance using Information Systems: Analysis and Perspectives
Authors : Hicham Rachidi, Mohammed El Mohajir
7 Explore the Feasibility of Implementing Local Multi-point Distribution System Technology in Oman (Framework Analysis)
Author : Safiya Nasser Al Jaradi
8 Evaluating the Learner Styles of Computer Science Students
Authors : Donnchadh Coffey, Tracey Mehigan, Sabin Tabirca
9 Progression of Arabic Sign Language Recognition and Its Potential Advances
Authors : Noha A. Sarhan, Yasser El-Sonbaty, Sherine M. Youssef
10 A General Framework for Computer Support of Virtual Meeting
Author : Aiman Turani
11 SVM-Kmeans: Support Vector Machine based on Kmeans Clustering for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Author : Walaa Gad
12 A Microstrip-/CPW-Fed Wideband Circular-Modified Antenna for Biotelemetry Applications
Authors : Mohamed Salah Karoui, Hamadi Ghariani, Mounir Samet, Mohamed Ramdani
13 Subjective and Objective Evaluation of the Effect of Packet Loss and Delay on Video Streaming Quality
Authors : Ahmad Ali, Ayedh Al Ajami, Jasem Alotaibi
14 Agent-based Model of a Responsive Network Monitoring System for Internet Service Providers
Authors : Osongi Felix Agik, William Okelo-Odongo, Elisha T.O.Opiyo, Bernard Manderick
15 Story Telling and Visualizations with Data: An Alternative Entry Point to Computer Science Education
Author : Lakshmi Prayaga