Volume 4 - Issue 6 (November 2015)

# Article Title
1 The Project OASIS (Openly Accessible Services and Interacting Society)
Authors : Andrea Sanna, Bruno Thuillier, Marc Dutoo, Yannick Louvet
2 Synthesizing Scenario-based Dataset for User Behavior Pattern Mining
Authors : Weina Ma, Kamran Sartipi
3 The Comparative Study of Randomness Analysis between Modified Version of LBlock Block Cipher and its Original Design
Authors : Nik Azura Nik Abdullah, Liyana Chew Nizam Chew, Abdul Alif Zakaria, Kamaruzzaman Seman, Norita Md Norwawi
4 The Effects of System Quality, Information Quality and Service Quality on User Satisfaction and the Implication to the Website Benefit
Author : Nidjo Sandjojo
5 Mobile Application for Commuters with Absence of Bus Scheduling Time in Developing Country: Jordan as Case Study
Authors : Ahmad al-Qerem, Bashar al-Shraha, Rula Ninio
6 Adapting an Business Model for Marketing of Distributed ERP Components
Authors : Evan Asfoura, Mohammad Samir Abdel haq
7 A Comprehensive Overview on B2C E-Commerce Trust Requirement in Saudi Arabia
Authors : Asiri Ahmad Yahya, Halina Mohamed Dahlan
8 Earned Value Management (EVM) Technique: Has it Outlived Its Usefulness?
Author : Daketima G. Briggs
9 Experimental Study on Position Control Techniques of a 4-DOF Mechanical Arm based on Open-Source Software and Hardware
Authors : Zhen Gao, Ishwar Singh
10 A New Trigonometrically Fitted Modified TDRK Methods for Oscillatory Differential Equations
Authors : Kai Li, Weizhen Huang
11 An ARM Cortex-M0 Based FPGA Platform in Teaching Computer Architecture
Authors : Sang Don Kim, Seung Eun Lee
12 PASSMA: Fingerprint Payment System: A New Way to E-Pay
Authors : Mohammed Arif Siddiqui, Md Kafil uddin, Muhammad Akram