Volume 3 - Issue 3 (May 2014)

# Article Title
1 Evaluation of the Sonification Protocol of an Artificial Vision System for the Visually Impaired
Authors : Pablo Revuelta Sanz, Belén Ruiz Mezcua, José M. Sánchez Pena, Bruce N. Walker
2 iOS Security and Privacy: Authentication Methods, Permissions, and Potential Pitfalls with Touch ID
Authors : Stephen J. Tipton, Daniel J. White II, Christopher Sershon, Young B. Choi
3 Enhancing SQL with Set-Comparison Operators
Authors : Feng Yu, Jing Zhang, Wen-Chi Hou, Cheng Luo
4 UDP-IPv6 Performance in Peer-to-Peer Gigabit Ethernet using Modern Windows and Linux Systems
Authors : Burjiz K. Soorty, Nurul I. Sarkar
5 Organic Shapes Classification by Similarity to Basic Geometric Shapes
Authors : Saulius Sinkevicius, Arunas Lipnickas, Kestas Rimkus
6 Discovering the Animal Movement Patterns using Hidden Markov Model
Authors : Ivana Nižetić Kosović, Krešimir Fertalj
7 Review of Memory/Cache Management Technologies used on Heterogeneous Computing Systems
Authors : Mustafa Ali, Tarik Ozkul
8 New Fuzzy CSP for an Optimized Mobile Robot's Path Tracking using Genetic Algorithms
Authors : Tlijani hayet, K M'sirdi Nacer, Knani Jilani
9 How to Manage an Agile/Kanban Software Project Using EVM
Authors : Nir Cohen, Amir Elalouf
10 Mathematical Laws Used in Rapid Treating and Diagnosis Techniques and Methods by the Projection of the Human Body on Four Dimensions
Authors : Mircea Iosif Neamtu, Mircea Valeriu Anghel
11 Impact of Mobile Banking Services on Customer Satisfaction:A Study on Sri Lankan State Commercial Bank
Authors : Kumari Kahandawa, Janaka Wijayanayake
12 Comparative study of multiplexing technics DHT-OFDM and DFT-OFDM for IM / DD optical link
Authors : Patrick Sotindjo, Leopold Djogbe
13 Exploring Information Technology Governance (ITG) Practice in Research Institutions: An Empirical Study
Authors : Rasha M. El-Morshedy, Sherif A. Mazen, Ehab Hassanein, Aly A. Fahmy, Mosaad K. Hassanein
14 A Comparison of Page Replacement Algorithms in Linux Memory Management
Authors : Hasan M H Owda , Munam Ali Shah, Abuelgasim Ibrahim Musa, Manzoor Ilahi Tamimy
15 Anonymity Using Trusted Center with Cascade Digital Signatures
Author : Abdulameer Khalaf Hussain
16 Evaluation Of A Kinaesthetic Feedback System
Author : Abdouslam M. Bashir
17 Factors Influencing the Skill Development in the Skill based Training Program Learning Environments : A Literature Study
Authors : M I Jawid Nazir, Ramachandra V Pujeri
18 Integrating WAsP and GIS Tools for Establishing Best Positions for Wind Turbines in South Iraq
Authors : S.M. Ali, A.H. Shaban, Ali K. Resen
19 Exploring Cluster Analysis
Authors : Mini Singh Ahuja, Jatinder Singh Bal
20 Relational vs. NoSQL Databases: A Survey
Authors : Mohamed A. Mohamed, Obay G. Altrafi, Mohammed O. Ismail
21 Price Comparisons of MTN, Globacom, Etizalat and Airtel Data Bundle Services in Nigeria with Foreign Jurisdictions
Authors : K. O. Kadiri, O. A. Alabi
22 Computer Simulation of Path Loss Characterization of a Wireless Propagation Model in Kwara State, Nigeria
Authors : K. O. Kadiri, O. A. Somoye
23 How are Identifiers Named in Open Source Software? On Popularity and Consistency
Authors : Yanqing Wang , Chong Wang, Xiaojie Lia, Sijing Yun, Minjing Song
24 Electronic Health Records and Change Management
Authors : William Martin, Sergey Voynov
25 An Analysis on Virtualization Techniques in Multicore Systems
Authors : Abuelgasim Ibrahim Musa, Munam Ali Shah, Hasan M H Owda, Rasool Bakhsh Jatoi
26 Classroom Distraction Due to Mobile Phones Usage by Students: College Teachers' Perceptions
Authors : Alka Shrivastava, Manish Shrivastava
27 Novel Method for Designing a Sequential Logic Controller with Intermediate Stop of Actuators
Author : Mohamed S. Bayoumi
28 3D Object Recognition Based on Image Features: A Survey
Authors : Khaled Alhamzi, Mohammed Elmogy, Sherif Barakat
29 Phased Effort Estimation of Legacy Systems Migration to Service Oriented Architecture
Authors : Esraa A. Farrag, Ramadan Moawad
30 Exploring Freebase Potentials for Big Data Challenges
Authors : Mahmoud Elbattah, Mohamed Roshdy, Mostafa Aref, Abdel-Badeh M Salem
31 Comparison of AODV and ZRP Routing Protocols: A Simulation Based Analysis
Authors : Sunita Swain, Sanku Sinha
32 Semantic Navigation in Medical Heterogeneous Resources: Text and Video
Authors : Olfa Dridi, Mohamed Ben Ahmed