Volume 1 - Issue 1 (September 2012)

# Article Title
1 A Method for Test Pattern Generation of Combinational Circuits Using Ordinary Algebra
Author : Zubair Ahmad
2 Simulation Study of the Effect of Proposed Parameters of Some Well Known Algorithms for Wireless Networks
Author : M. M. Elgazzar
3 Developing the range operator in the segmentation methods depending on dermatology infection
Authors : Matheel E. Abdulmunim, Sundus I. Mahdi
4 A Survey of Active Video Game Literature: From Theory to Technological Application
Authors : Reem Altamimi, Geoff Skinner
5 Breast Cancer Diagnosis on Three Different Datasets Using Multi-Classifiers
Authors : Gouda I. Salama, M.B.Abdelhalim, Magdy Abd-elghany Zeid
6 A Holistic Review on Trust and Reputation Management Systems for Digital Environments
Authors : Ilung Pranata, Geoff Skinner, Rukshan Athauda
7 Cluster Based Distributed Diagnosis in MANET
Authors : Nishi Yadav, P.M. Khilar
8 An Internet GIS System to Support the Water Resource Management
Authors : Prattana Deeprasertkul and Royol Chitradon
9 Open Source Computer-Mediated Collaborative Community Learning
Authors : Ziouvelou Xenia, Georgousopoulos Christos
10 Privacy Preserving Two-Layer Decision Tree Classifier for Multiparty Databases
Authors : Alka Gangrade, Ravindra Patel
11 A Domain-Based Learning Object Search Engine to Support Self-Regulated Learning
Authors : Ali Alharbi, Frans Henskens, Michael Hannaford
12 Matrix and Tensor Factorization Techniques applied to Recommender Systems: a Survey
Authors : Giuseppe Ricci, Marco de Gemmis, Giovanni Semeraro
13 Performance Enhancements of MIMO-OFDM System Using Various Adaptive Receiver Structures
Authors : M. A. Ahmed, S. A. Jimaa, I. Y. Abualhaol