Object Tracking in Video Using the TLD and CMT Fusion Model


  • Hai Tran Ho Chi Minh University of Education




Object Tracking, Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD), Clustering of Static-Adaptive Correspondences for Deformable Object Tracking (CMT)


Object tracking has been an attractive study topic in computer vision in recent years, thanks to the development of video monitoring systems. Tracking-Learning Detection (TLD), Compressive Tracking (CT), and Clustering of Static-Adaptive Correspondences for Deformable Object Tracking are some of the state-of-the-art methods for motion object tracking (CMT). We present a fusion model that combines TLD and CMT in this study. To restrict the calculation time of the CMT technique, the fusion TLD CMT model enhanced the TLD benefits of computation time and accuracy on t no deformable objects. The experimental results on the Vojir dataset for three techniques (TLD, CMT, and TLD CMT) demonstrated that our fusion proposal successfully trades off CMT accuracy for computing time.


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