Volume 8 - Issue 2 (March 2019)

# Article Title
1 A Multimedia Based Web Application for e-Learning
Authors: Reyazur Rashid Irshad, Aamir Fatahayab
2 Online Storage: Are Small Businesses Facing a Dilemma in Developing Economies?
Authors: Martin Adane, Roxanne Piderit, Marlien Herselman /div>
3 Ad-hoc Network based Cache Invalidation Techniques in the Purview of Query Latency Minimization in iVANET: A Literature Survey
Authors: Mohd Akbar, Shish Ahmad.
4 A Framework of Indicators for Measuring Performance of Higher Education Colleges
Authors: Abdulmajied Ali Balkach, Yazid Messaoud Mati
5 Facebook User Account Data Analysis using NLP on A Specific dataset Selection Model
Authors: Nzenwata U. J, Adegbenle A. A, Olugbohungbe R. R