Volume 7 - Issue 6 (November 2018)

# Article Title
1 Towards Improving Rule-Based Arabic Root Extraction Algorithm for Non-Vocalized Text
Authors: Nisrean Thalji, Zyad Thalji, Sohair Al-Hakeem, Nik Adilah Hanin, Walid Bani Hani
2 Basic Tor Network Using VMWare for Security Research
Author: Ruhama Mohammed Zain
3 Enhancing Image Encryption Time using Hash Algorithms with Well-known Standards
Authors: Mohammed Omari, Mohammed Echerif Abbou and Omar Guerrout
4 Enhanced MR-LEACH Clustering Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Simulated Annealing
Authors: Mohammed Omari, Yamina Malouki and Aljoumet Aberzoulegh
5 Mobile Agents Model for Optimising the Performance of Mobility Assistance Information System
Authors: Najia Allali, Djamila Allali, Mohammed Tamali
6 A Selection Variation for Improved Throughput and Accuracy of Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithms
Authors: Allan Odhiambo Omondi, Ismail Ateya Lukandu, Gregory Wabuke Wanyembi
7 Personalized TV Watching Behaviour Recommendations for Effective User Fingerprinting
Authors: Litan Kumar Mohanta, Nikhil Verma
8 A Comparative Study of Web Page Personalization Techniques of Search Engines
Authors: Mohd Suaib, Mohammadi Akheela Khanum