Volume 7 - Issue 4 (July 2018)

# Article Title
1 Clinical Documents Summarization using Text Visualization Technique
Authors: Jonah Kenei, Elisha T. O. Opiyo, Robert Oboko, Juliet Moso
2 An Innovative Computerized Method For Creating an Exam Schedule
Author: Mutaz Rasmi Abu Sara
3 A Survey of Topic Model Inference Techniques
Authors: Geoffrey Mariga Wambugu, George Okeyo, Stephen Kimani
4 Comparative Analysis of Classification Models for Healthcare Data Analysis
Authors: Abdul Hafeez Babar, Naeem Ahmed Mahoto
5 A Soft Systems Methodology Based Analysis of the ATM System in Egypt
Authors: Rasha Abd El.Aziz, Ian Beeson, Miran Ismail
6 Credit Card Fraud Detection using Bayes Theorem
Authors: Juliet Chebet Moso, Jonah Kipcirchir Kenei
7 Which Products Would You Like to See? User preferences for top-N e-commerce products recommendation in different shopping moments
Authors: Alexander Robert Kutzke, Jaime Wojciechowski, Rafaela Mantovani Fontana, Joao Eugênio Marynowski, Razer Anthom Nizer Rojas Montaño, Rafael Romualdo Wandresen, Arno Paulo Schmitz
8 The Influnce of Gender on QoE Subjective Assessment for Video Services
Authors: Tawfeeg S. Noor, Niemah I. Osman, Is-Haka M. Mkwawa