Volume 7 - Issue 3 (May 2018)

# Article Title
1 A Q-Learning Model for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy of Insomnia Patients
Authors: Alaka O. Benard, Ismail Ateya Lukandu
2 Development of Medical Image Retrieval Model based on Minimum Cross Entropy Thresholding
Authors: Hanaa Mansour Al-bory, Mohammed M. Elsheh
3 Semantic Network Analysis of Recent Twitter Security
Authors: Mansour Alshaikhsaleh, Mohamed A. Zohdy
4 Application of Hanning-Based Short Time Fourier Transform in Localization of Imagined Motor Movement within Human Brain
Authors: Suraj S. Bhamra, Mohamed A. Zohdy
5 Big Data: A Review
Author: Nadir Abdelrahman Ahmed Farah