Volume 6 - Issue 5 (September 2017)

# Article Title
1 WSN based IoT Healthcare Application, Challenges and Solution: A Comprehensive Review
Authors : Suleiman Bello Mohammed, Kilhung Lee
2 Towards an Intelligent Assistance System to Improve Environmental Compliance Continuity
Author : Heiko Thimm
3 Exploring and Evaluating the Impact of the Veracity of Big Data Sources
Authors : Bayan Hazaa AlDoaies, Anhar Maatoq Ashi, Fahd S. Alotaibi
4 Cold Start Problem Solving Exploiting Social Network Information
Authors : Anongporn Salaiwarakul, Wanarat Juraphanthong, Kraisak Kesorn
5 The Dynamics of Information between Order and Chaos
Authors : Mircea Iosif Neamtu, Mircea Valeriu Anghel
6 Minimizing Energy Consumption for Multi hop [MM-LEACH] Cluster Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : J. Daniel Mano, S. Sathappan
7 The Challenges of Cloud Computing for Enterprises
Author : Amira Hosni
8 Decision Tree Performance Analysis on Medical Data
Authors : Stenly R. Pungus, Debby E. Sondakh
9 A Component-Based Reconfigurable Platform for SOA
Author: Mohsen Saberi