Volume 5 - Issue 4 (July 2016)

# Article Title
1 Novel Design of a Two Dimensional Cartesian Robot with Real-Time Image Recognition
Authors : Zhen Gao, Brad Larkin, Brandon Anderson, David Deroo
2 Determining When to Adopt Advanced Information Technologies: A Multi-Stage Real Option Analysis
Author : Xiling Cui
3 Affine Arithmetic Self Organizing Map
Authors : Tony Bazzi, Jasser Jasser, Mohamed Zohdy
4 Chinese Whispers for Protein-Protein Interaction Network Analysis to Discover Overlapping Functional Modules
Author : Ying Liu
5 Graphic Representation on Linear Algebra based on Clustering Approach
Authors : Fong-Jhu Yih, Jeng-Ming Yih
6 Culturally Personalised Approach in the Teamwork Design System
Author : Wesam Shishah
7 Coloured Noise Signal Identification using Supervised Learning Algorithm
Authors : Mahsa Nourbagheri, Mohamed Zohdy
8 Superlinear Relative Speedup of the Service Layered Utility Maximization Model for Dynamic Webservice Composition in Virtual Organizations
Authors : Abiud Wakhanu Mulongo, Elisha Abade, Elisha T. O. Opiyo, William Okello Odongo, Bernard Manderick
9 Visual Servo Robotic Arm for Autonomous Picking and Placing
Authors : Zhen Gao, Kelsey Mclean, Shivam Rhode, Ishwar Singh
10 Data Integrity and Confidentiality in Mobile Phone Based Cyber Foraging System
Authors : Alfayo O. Adede, William Okelo-Odongo, Christine K. Mulunda